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Aku Cynecylnn
Alias' Acnah
Race Dragon

Elf (Vampire)

Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Male (afab)
Born 4025 RoC
Height 5'6"
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Blue
Rank King
  • Draconis Kingdom
  • The Orphans
  • Mullevs
  • Sigoyan


Early Life[]

Attending Exonia Academy[]

In 4037, Aku started at Exonia Academy. Almost right away, Aku found himself in trouble at the academy, getting into a fight with Drachir Siðven II on his first day as students were arriving for the new academy year. This was before he played in the outdated boys vs girls cricket match where many were surprised at just how natural a cricketer he was.

Becoming A Vampire[]

Towards the end of 4037, Aku was injured when Mordred attacked him and others on Tywyll Cwm. Robin Mullevs and his fellow Sigoyan took the opportunity to take the injured Prince to their ship which had been in orbit at the time. It was there that Robin sired Aku.

Becoming King[]

Into Slavery[]

When the Draconis Kingdom fell, Aku found himself captured by Maleek forces, thus becoming a personal slave to Maleek himself.


On Caerorke, it was revealed that Aku had been under a love potion. When that was broken, Kallisto came after him in order to kill him and make their eldest surviving son lead the fight to bring the Draconis Kingdom back. As a result, his ties with the Mullevs Clan were cut.

The Fracture[]

Personality and traits[]

Aku was known for his feisty temper and quickness to act before thinking.


Aku was the second son of Karunel and Makoto and the younger brother of Roxas.

From a young age, his best friend was Gowon Nosfveiðr.

After some arguments with his family, Aku eventually married his girlfriend, a minotaur by the name of Kallisto.

After Kallisto, he ended up in a relationship with an orc Princess called Morana.

Powers and abilities[]

Along with the ability to morph between his elven and dragon forms, Aku could take on the form of a wolf. Aku could also communicate with the wolves living near Exonia Academy. As a blue dragon, he could also manipulate gravity.

Aku was also a talented cricketer.

Behind the scenes[]


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