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Chiam Chamak'Taj
Race Dragon


Home Planet Netomiquiztli
Gender Identity Male
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Skin Colour Olive


Early Life

When he was young, Chiam's parents were killed by vampires. As a result, he and his sister were sent to live with relatives.

Ollmarw Academy

Being born in Dedlock Space meant that Chiam headed to Ollmarw Academy once he came of age. There, he joined the vampire hunting group led by Zaðar Nosfveiðr along with his sister.

Personality and traits


After coming to terms with his sexuality after years of inner torment, Chiam started dating Aonghus Rieaumarroo. They would later marry. Their eldest daughter became a vampire hunter just as they had been before retiring from the profession.

Powers and abilities

Behind the scenes


  • Draca Saga: Dedlock (First Appearance)
  • Draca Saga: Dragon King
  • Draca Saga: Key
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