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Edward Fimmv
Race Human
Gender Identity Male
Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Colour Blond
Skin Colour Lightly Tanned
Rank King
  • Draconis Kingdom

Edward Fimmv was the first King of the Draconis Kingdom


Early Life[]

In his former home universe, Edward had been King at a young age until he was usurped and sold into slavery along with his brother, Richard by their uncle whom had wanted the throne for himself.

Slavery And Escape[]

Forming The Draconis Kingdom[]

During one of the many wars he was involved in, Edward was visited in his bedroom by Ryujin who proposed to him the formation of a dragon Kingdom.

Personality and traits[]

Edward had been a kind and gentle thirteen year old when his uncle had himself and his brother, Richard sold into slavery so that he could take the throne for himself.


Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


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