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Folami Nosfveiðr
  • Folami Cynecylnn
  • Vamp Queen
  • Rocks
Race Dragon


Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Female
Born 4019 RoC
Hair Colour Silver
Skin Colour Dark
Rank Queen
  • Nosfveiðr Family
  • Draconis Kingdom


The Key[]

The Boy In The Red Hat[]

Out hunting vampires, Folami had landed in trouble but with help from her cousins they defeated the vampires. As they had left the scene, Folami had noticed that a child had been watching the whole fight. She had found herself intrigued by just how calm the boy had seemed. Feeling that he was not a vampire and knowing he probably wasn't a vampire hunter, she had wondered if he was one of the mythical Watchers.

Apparent Death[]

Abdication Of Roxas[]

Appearance On Caerorke[]

Tracking Aku To Orc Space[]

Finding herself at a loss along with the potential increase in trouble from The Orphans, Folami invited her uncle, Zaðar to Orc Space. What she hadn't been expecting was that he would bring, Wheldon along with him.

The Darkness Falls[]

Finding herself alone as the darkness took the universe, Folami was eventually found by Shadow and taken to Exonia Academy.

Personality and traits[]


Folami was the wife of Roxas Cynecylnn and the mother of Roxas, Hilda and Helgi.

Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


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