Draca Saga Wiki
Race Kattedyr (Vampire)
Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Male
Height 5'3"
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Green
Skin Colour Grey fur
  • The Orphans
  • Swordmasters of Heolstor

Kai was a grey kattedyr and a vampire. He was also the founder of The Orphans, a vampire clan known for being made up entirely of child vampires.


Early Life[]

Not much was known of Kai's early life before he came to be at the orphanage attacked by The Swordmasters Of Heolstor, other then his statement that his parents had been killed in front of him. He was dragged out from under the bed he had been hiding under and was turned by an unnamed blue-haired female vampire.

With The Swordmasters Of Heolstor[]

Creating The Orphans[]

Having grown disillusioned with the way that Zaðar and The Swordmasters Of Heolstor had been treating the younger looking vampires, Kai decided on taking a huge risk by creating his own clan. The Orphans.

Following Aku[]

Kai soon made an effort to use Aku's main palace as a base for The Orphans up until the fall of the Draconis Kingdom. When Aku was given a new place on Tywyll Cwm, Kai made sure that The Orphans moved out there as well.

Personality and traits[]


Kai was turned by a blue-haired female vampire but never had a relationship with her other then that of sire and siree.

An early relationship he had was with a boy he had sired by the name of Oliver. While with Oliver, he also had a relationship Ciel Nosfveiðr, another vampire whom he had sired. Kai would later begin a relationship with another vampire hunter turned vampire, Gowon Nosfveiðr.

Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


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