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Karunel Cynecylnn
Full Name Karunel Thor Wolfram Abioye Cynecylnn
Alias' Fláráðr Nosfveiðr
Race Dragon


Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Male
Born 24th Eoestermonað 3993 RoC, Baranhölbanc
Height 6'2"
Hair Colour Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Blue
Rank King

Karunel Thor Wolfram Abioye Cynecylnn was a blue elf who eventually became King of the Draconis Kingdom.


Early Life[]

Karunel was born on 24th Eoestermonað 3993 RoC to Aeron and Ælfswiþ Cynecylnn on the planet of Baranhölbanc. Their second child and only son.

At seven years old, Karunel broke his arm falling from a tree.

Also from a young age and despite his parents warnings about the Nosfveiðr family, he befriended Zaðar Nosfveiðr. After finally winning his parents trust with his friend, Karunel ruined it with an unmentionable incident at Zaðar's ninth birthday party. Of which there was allegedly video proof.

Going To Exonia Academy[]

At the age of twelve, Karunel started at Exonia Academy. There he learnt more about dragonkind and how to properly use his dragon abilities.


Becoming King[]

Hunting Sigmon's Inner Circle[]

Before going after his grandfather himself, Karunel began getting close to him by taking out his Inner Circle. People who were closest to Sigmon.

The Necromancers Forcefield And Death[]

When the necromancer imprisoned Draconis Prime under his forcefield, much of what had happened including Karunel's death was lost.

It was known that after Makoto's death, the King ordered all children to be put into protective status. Which was calculated to be extremely expensive and time consuming.

Return To Life[]

Personality and traits[]


Karunel married Makoto Roiyarutomo having promised to do so should he defeat his grandfather. With Makoto, Karunel had two children, Roxas and Aku.

He had prior relationships with Salazar Bräck and Rag Nosfveiðr.

Powers and abilities[]

As with all dragons, Karunel could morph at will between his dragon and elven forms. His dragon powerwas the ability to manipulate gravity. Sometimes put to good use, Karunel however often used it to play pranks on others.

Behind the scenes[]


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