Draca Saga Wiki
Alias' Bookman
Race Dragon

Human (Vampire)

Home Planet Draconis Prime


Gender Identity Male
Hair Colour Blond
Skin Colour Pale
  • The Orphans

Ra was a child vampire, a member of The Orphans he was often called The Bookman because of his interest in old books.


Early Life And Being Turned[]

Ra had been born to a high class family on Suudiyah. While away at Exonia Academy, his parents were killed in a rebellion that often happened on the planet at the time. After that he found himself sired by Kai and brought into The Orphans. As a result, he relocated to Draconis Prime.

Personality and traits[]

Ra was a very keen collector of books, building up a huge collection while living in Gallifrey Tower.

He did have some inklings of paranoia but that had most likely been brought on by the knowledge that Lady Silvestro had camera's hidden everywhere in Gallifrey Tower.


Sired by Kai, he had a rather strained relationship with his sire.

Ra was the sire of Dodger.

Powers and abilities[]

Ra knew some dragon magic which he'd use to make sure that no one stole his books.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Draca Saga: Of Orcs And Orphans (First Appearance)
  • Draca Saga: Dark Circles
  • Draca Saga: Fracture