Draca Saga Wiki
Race Human (Vampire)
Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Male
Height 5'2"
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Skin Colour Pale
  • The Orphans



Rais was originally arrested by police having murdered a number of staff and students at his boarding school.

Becoming A Vampire[]

As his crime became news, Kai took an interest in him. breaking Rais out of custody before siring him.

Personality and traits[]

Rais was a cold serial killer. He loved nothing more then to kill, even before becoming a vampire.


Rais was sired by Kai.

Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


  • Draca Saga: Of Orcs And Orphans (First Appearance)
  • Draca Saga: Dark Circles
  • Draca Saga: Sons Of Maleek
  • Draca Saga: Fracture