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Richard Fimmv
Alias' Fahimu
Race Human
Gender Identity Male
Height 4'11"
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Light Tan
  • Ffèn'Yènam Alliance
  • The Remnant


Early Life[]

Not much was recorded of Richards early life or when he was even born. He was never one to speak much of it, other then the fact he was born in another universe.

Slavery And Escape To Freedom[]

Thanks to his brother, Edward, it was well known to many that the pair had escaped from slavery in that universe.

Under The Tutelage Of Lady Cynecylnn[]


Having witnessed a vampire fight, he was noticed by Folami Nosfveiðr. She would later confront him at Exonia Academy where he refused to state his identity.


Into Slavery Under Maleek Again[]



Creating Scrobbesburh[]

Richard soon found himself on what was Svartalfheim. Taking the castle once owned by Kekasmai, he created his own realm which he named Scrobbesburh.

Personality and traits[]

The younger brother of Edward, Richard took the full brunt of the horrors that had awaited the brothers in slavery whilst still in their original universe. It left him a shadow of his former self and the personality change that occurred would have far reaching consequences.

Richard was often cold and calculating. He had a particular interest in creating experiments which after some time grew more and more horrific.


Richard's first love was Niokalind. With the help of technology, Richard was able to have a daughter with her by the name of Hild.

Richard did have a relationship with a young looking vampire girl by the name of Isolde.

Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


  • Draca Saga: Fracture