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Wolfram Draconis
Full Name Wolfram Wulfmær Draconis
  • Wolfie
  • Wolfboy
Race Dragon


Home Planet Draconis Prime
Gender Identity Male
Born 3999 RoC
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Skin Colour Red
  • Draconis Dynamic
  • Draconis Kingdom



Though he had survived the necromancers time dilation on Draconis Prime. Old age and ill health had taken it's toll and Wolfram quietly passed away in his sleep.

Reappearance On The Norns World[]

Rebuilding Draconis Dynamic[]

Capture By The Nisopt[]

The Fracture[]

Surviving the initial fracture, Wolfram set about rebuilding Draconis Dynamic and helping Aku restore the universe.

Personality and traits[]


Wolfram was the son of Wulfmær Draconis and the cousin of Karunel Cynecylnn.

Powers and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]


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